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Nature to Nutrition Gut Health Retreat — 5-day Residential Program

Nature to Nutrition Gut Health Retreat — 5-day Residential Program

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Redefine your relationship with food over a gut-healing journey.

This slot provides relief from the increasing scorching heat in most of India. It’s an ideal time to visit nature spots like waterfalls, and forests and also hiking spots like Triund, and Leta. We encourage families, corporations, or groups to visit during this time to form stronger bonds with your closest ones. 

We will take you to some beautiful spots so you can just relax, unwind, and reflect on your life while learning the best lifestyle habits from global experts.

Binita Modi, clinical psychologist, will guide you in journaling, and mindful eating. Eshanye will guide you through Yoga and Chef Varun will share insight on nutrition and some recipes you will love to add to your everyday diet!

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About the Masterclass

This LIVE masterclass is designed to help you understand everything that affects your gut health, and how your gut health defines your overall wellbeing, and get all your questions answered.

Chef Varun is a certified Nutritionist and has been researching in the field of Gut Health and the microbiota for the last eight years. This interactive masterclass equips you with practical tools to help you eat better, think better and sleep better.

Why Gut Health Matters?

Did you know that gut health affects literally everything in your body?

Whether it be your nervous system, immunity, mental health or digestion and assimilation of nutrients, the gut plays a pivotal role in ensuring overal health and well-being.

The gastrointestinal system is the main “portal” for taking in and processing nutrients, but it also serves a communication center and disease fighter.

  • Live Q&A

    Clear all your doubts related to digestive health.

  • Be a Part of a Community

    Join our WhatsApp group for tips and engagement.

  • Valuable Resources

    Get access to recipes, notes from the class, meal plan template, book and documentary recommendations. 

  • Gut Health Test

    Know where your gut health stands and learn how to improve it.

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