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A space where we love ingredients, appreciate nature and celebrate health through nutrition and wellness. Follow us to learn about plant-based lifestyle, products and recipes.


Bodhi Greens is an endeavour, a restaurant and a food processing unit where we serve gourmet wholesome plant-based meals for the last six years using all natural ingredients.




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Chef Varun | Vegan recipes| Weight Loss recipes

Plant-based Culinary 101 – By Chef Varun

Buy Chef Varun’s workshop on plant-based culinary to learn recipes and techniques that will help you transition into and learn about healthy eating. 

This is a carefully curated workshop for those of you who are curious about plant-based cooking, be it to hone a new skill for amateur chefs, to serve nutritious food to your family for home chefs and even just for the curious ones out there who want to learn new ways to marry taste and nutrition on their plate. 

This workshop includes in-depth recipe videos by Chef Varun, an elaborate recipe book and a private consultation session where he reveals some of his secrets and takes us through what goes behind creating some dishes he serves at Bodhi Greens.



Our product range is crafted to help you maximise healthy proteins, fats and carbs in your everyday diet made with all natural ingredients. 


These products make an amazing range of dishes, sauces and toppings for your everyday diet while enhancing taste, texture and mouthfeel and with our guidance you can explore plant-based gastronomy like never before.


Shop now and join our community where we discuss the connection between nutrition and mental and physical well being.

Peanut butter

Peanut Butter

Our homemade Peanut Butter is made of only one ingredient, peanuts, stone ground in small batches for over two hours for a creamy consistency. It’s a great source of clean plant protein and good fats. You can use it in smoothies, salad dressings/chutneys, toasts, desserts and more.


Sesame butter tahini

Sesame Butter – Tahini

Our homemade Sesame Butter is made of only one ingredient, organic sesame seeds, stone ground in small batches for over two hours for a creamy consistency. It’s a great source of calcium, clean plant protein and healthy fats. You can use it in smoothies, salad dressings/chutneys, toasts, desserts and more.




Our homemade granola is made with all natural ingredients. Over 60% of the volume is nuts, seeds, dry fruits and berries. It’s sweetened with natural sugars including dates, coconut sugar and dried blueberry powder.

It makes a great topping to your morning fruit bowls or smoothie bowls and makes for a great snack on its own.

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Multi-Seed Crackers

Our all organic “One more bite” crackers are made with the goodness of finger millet flour, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds baked to perfection in small batches. It provides essential dietary fibre, protein and a wide range of micro nutrients and makes for a great snack for your munchies.

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Almond Butter

Almond Butter

All natural single ingredient almond butter is made with organic almonds grown in Himachal Pradesh roasted at low temperature and ground in a stone grinder for over two hours to extract the natural sweetness.


Add it to your breakfast toast with whole fruits or use it make your favourite dressings, condiments and desserts.

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Wild Black Rice

Manipur origin organic black rice called Chak Hao has made its way to our menu and is now a staple in the diet of health food enthusiast.


It has a lower glycemic response, a significantly higher amount of dietary fibre and protein and has a superior taste.

It’s sticky consistency makes it a great for cooking Japanese and south eat asian cuisines. 

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Chef Varun

Hi! I am a culinary and nutrition expert and a consultant chef with Humane Society International – India, where I conduct culinary training programs in top culinary schools and various restaurants in India. 

My job is to help you cook nourishing meals everyday and hence I have crafted the product range and my workshop for you to learn about this lifestyle.

I work with clients with a wide range of health goals. Starting from weight loss to weight gain, I have worked with clients with illnesses (including diabetes, heart disease, cancer) and helped athletes eat food that keeps them fit. 



“Chef Varun has helped me with my performance in my performance in my National Level rolling skate competitions. I feel more energised than ever and have a faster recovery rate between breaks. His expertise gave me the confidence to cook better, eat better and live better.”

– Aakarshan Sharma (Jammu and Kashmir)

“I have struggled to lose weight and tried tens of things online and offline. When I met Chef Varun and discovered Bodhi Greens I realised it’s aligned with my core beliefs of compassion. I have managed to lose over 16 kgs so far and feel mentally and physically fit to live a mindful life”

– Beth James (United Kingdom)

“I was inspired by Chef Varun’s work and decided to intern with him in his kitchen. I am in awe of his skills that he has developed and feel lucky to have learnt the recipes, techniques and lessons on mindful cooking”

– Soumya Bansal (Madhya Pradesh)

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