Corporate Training on Nutrition and Wellness

Learn how to optimise a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle that caters to your hectic regime—not the other way round.

About the Training

The central focus is on cultivating a conscious, healthful lifestyle. Through an enlightening session on nutrition, the webinar aims to foster a deeper understanding of the symbiotic relationship between our bodies and the environment.

This webinar promises to deepen your understanding of cultivating a conscious and healthful way of life by covering these topics:

The Gut-Brain Connection: Also referred to as the second brain of the body, the gut is inadvertently responsible for mood, stress response, and cognitive function. Also, we will cover many other aspects of gut health in detail.

Balancing Food Groups: Understanding ingredients to harness a better balance in our dishes and overall diet.

Addressing Nutrition Myths: A clear understanding of nutrition helps participants imbibe the knowledge at an individual level.

Everyday Nutrition: Participants leave with a clear perspective enabled to make healthier food choices for themselves and their families. 

Why Nutrition Matters For Your Corporate

Nutrition is a tool to maximize life's potential. If we want to truly harness the power of our body and mind, we must start by looking at what we put into our body, what fuels us.

We live in an age where information overload is rampant, and this creates confusion and overwhelm as a consequence. This is what we're precisely going to address through our webinar sessions.

  • When employees get frustrated at work because the food they eat is imbalanced. Unhealthy eating habits have been linked to fatigue, brain fog and lack of focus.
  • Moreover, healthier food choices of employees saves money in various facets: presenteeism (productivity losses), medical bills, and absenteeism.
  • Healthy food choices have been linked with happier workplaces.

Why Us?

We are a team of wellness professionals who have transformed lives with the power of food. Our expertise in diet and nutrition has transformed the perspective of nutrition of thousands of people across the globe.

We would be glad to collaborate with you, and help build a work culture that fosters nourishing habits not just with regards to improvement in your employees' nutrition and work performance, but also in their overall well-being and dedication to your organisation.

  • Nicole, Data Scientist

    “I had heard about mindful eating but I never really practiced it and it really made a change in my body and my mental health. I experienced acid reflux and it definitely improved in the past 3 days of the retreat more than it has in the past 5 years when it started. This is definitely something I was surprised to discover.”

  • Trisha, Financial Analyst

    ”Varun’s sessions helped me connect more deeply with myself and act as a magical reminder of the healing power of nature and the right nutrition for our body and mind.”

  • Namrata, Entrepreneur

    “There are a lot of talks on internet about nutrition but when you actually see a renowned Chef cooking plant-based meals with you, you can ask questions and get your doubts cleared.“

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