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Bodhi Greens

5-Day Gut Health Retreat | Nature-to-Nutrition | 6 June to 10 June 2024

5-Day Gut Health Retreat | Nature-to-Nutrition | 6 June to 10 June 2024

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Gut Health Retreat:  Redefine your relationship with food over a gut-healing journey.
This slot provides relief from the scorching heat in most of India. It’s an ideal time to visit nature spots like waterfalls, and forests and also hiking spots like Triund, Leta, Galu waterfalls and around.

We encourage families, corporations or groups to visit during this time to form stronger bonds with your closest ones.

At the start of the Indian summer holidays, this slot is ideal for families, children and anyone who has plenty of time to breathe the chill mountain air while the rest of India is burning in the scorching sun. This is an ideal slot to also visit natural springs like the Galu Waterfalls or the Bhagsu Waterfalls as many participants in this slot say the nature walks are their favorite part.

Also, some great yoga teachers are travelling to Dharamkot making it an ideal time to explore your style of yoga at nearby yogashalas. Live music is also soul-fulfilling. 
We will take you to some beautiful nature spots so you can just relax, unwind and reflect on your life while learning the best lifestyle habits from global experts.

We will guide you in journaling, and mindful eating. Eshanye will guide you through mindfulness exercises and Chef Varun will share insight on nutrition and some recipes you will love to add to your everyday diet!

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