Our Philosophy At Bodhi Greens

Healthy living is the foundation of a fulfilling life, but understanding what 'health' truly entails can be confusing. It's not just about nutrition; it's about aligning with your body's unique needs and approaching meals with intention. At Bodhi Greens Foundation, we aim to revolutionize lives through whole food plant-based nutrition.

Our founders experienced transformative journeys with a whole-food plant-based diet, overcoming stress, anxiety, and digestive challenges. We've cultivated a lifestyle of intention, health, and joy. This wisdom, gained through years of learning and growth, fuels our passion to share it with others, so they can enrich their lives and spread positivity globally.

Mindful Eating Revolution

We are driven by a profound passion to share nutrition and gut health wisdom with the masses. Our mission is to ensure every child nurtures a healthy relationship with food, fostering mindful eating habits that allow them to savor every bite.

  • Varun Sharma

    Chef and Nutritionist, Co-founder of Bodhi Greens

  • Tirath Ram Sharma

    Co-founder of Bodhi Greens

  • Eshanye Gowtham

    Yoga Instructor

    Co-Host at Nature to Nutrition

  • Sana Shaikh

    Brand Manager at Bodhi Greens

    Lifestyle Expert

  • Binita Modi

    Trauma-informed Psychotherapist

  • Shrikanth Iyer

    Co-Founder & Director

    Wellness Team 360

  • Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (BNYS)

    Naturopathy Physician

    Co-founder, NutritionScience.in

  • Shyamala Suresh

    Wellness Consultant

    Co-founder, NutritionScience.in

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Meet Chef Varun

Hi! I am a culinary and nutrition expert. I run a vegan restaurant and work as the consultant chef with Humane Society International - India, where I conduct culinary training programs in top culinary schools and various restaurants in India. 

I grew up with an eating disorder and no one around me knew anything about it. After years of therapy and psychiatric help I finally learnt that I simply never learnt how to build a healthy relationship with food. That’s why I made mindful eating my mission, to enjoy every bite of food to the fullest. Through expert help from doctors from Cornell University, I learnt the power of a whole food plant-based diet and lifestyle and managed to reverse my eating disorder. Now I am living with a mission to make a holistic lifestyle affordable and accessible to masses through the work I do at Bodhi Greens.