Plant-Based Culinary 101 – By Chef Varun


Learn how to make healthy nutritious vegan recipes along with one on one nutrition consultation with Chef Varun.

This is a carefully curated workshop for those of you who are curious about plant-based cooking, be it to hone a new skill for amateur chefs, to serve nutritious food to your family for home chefs and even just for the curious ones out there who want to learn new ways to marry taste and nutrition on their plate. 

This workshop includes in-depth recipe videos by Chef Varun, where he reveals some of his secrets and takes us through what goes behind creating some dishes he serves at Bodhi Greens. Here are the recipes you will get to learn in the workshop:


1. Chili Con Carne 

2. Falafels

3. Beetroot Burger Patties

4. Scrambled Tofu with Eggplant


5. Traditional Greek Tzatziki

6. Traditional Walnut Muhammara

7. Beetroot Hummusf

8. Healthy Lemon Tahini

9. Sweet Spicy Sesame Sauce

10. Ketchup - Oil free, Sugar free

Preparation & Sides:

11. Seitan - Vegan Mock Meat

12. Vegan Yoghurt

13. Crunchy Side Salad

14. Multi Seed Crackers - Gluten Free

15. Smoky Cheddar Style Cheese - Vegan

16. Flaxseed Tortilla

17. Millet Tortilla 

Along with the videos, you also get access to a recipe booklet and get to be a part of an exclusive WhatsApp group with the chef to clear any doubts about the recipes that you try. 

So are you ready to delve into the world of plant-based cooking?


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