At Bodhi Greens, we take flavors very seriously. But at the core of our ideology is a simple fact: “If 90% of all mental illnesses are connected with nutrition, then 90% of the conversation around mental health should also be about nutrition.”

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Who is Chef Varun and What is Bodhi Greens?

Chef Varun is a culinary expert who is a consultant chef with Humane Society International – India, where he conducts culinary training programs in top culinary schools and various restaurants in India. Bodhi Greens is his endeavour, a restaurant and a food processing unit where he has been serving gourmet wholesome plant-based meals for the last six years, and making tofu, sesame butter and other nut and seed butters.

What happens after I buy the workshop?

Once you pay for the workshop through our website, you will receive an email from our team giving you access to our private youtube library which contains all the recipe videos, along with a PDF of the recipe booklet for your reference. We will also add you to an Instagram group with all the other users who have bought our workshop along with Chef Varun so you can ask all your doubts and questions any time.

Is the workshop based on the WFPB (whole-food plant-based) concept?

While we strongly believe in the science of WFPB, this workshop uses minimal amounts of oil and salt to taste which you can skip. As an alternative to salt, you can use salt-free veg stock or bouillon, or Miso (traditional white miso), Liquid Aminos (only soy-based), low sodium soy sauce, celery salt and other herbs and spices.

Are all gourmet ingredients important to cook the recipes? Is it going to be costly?

While we highly recommend buying ingredients like toasted sesame oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic nuts, seeds, beans and grains, spices and condiments like nooch (nutritional yeast flakes), veg bouillon powder, marmite, liquid smoke etc., they are not compulsory and you can skip them. 

Using ingredients like agar-agar powder, xanthan gum, potato starch are important if you want your cheese to be sliceable. But if you skip these ingredients you can choose to reduce the mix without any binder or thickener. 

It won’t set the cheese for recipes like the burger but can be stored in the fridge and added to wraps without much difference in flavour.

Why is it so expensive?

A total of 18 wholesome plant-based recipes along with some essential techniques and wrap assembly instructions make it a complete package that will help you cook a multitude of recipes and help you learn the basics of “How to blow people’s brains with your food!”

Is it refundable?

Sorry, once you purchase the workshop it won’t be refundable.

We will be happy to answer any queries that you have. Please feel free to get in touch with Chef Varun directly on whatsapp at 7018277656 in case you have any doubt regarding any recipe or technique or hit us up on Instagram @bodhigreens.

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