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Q: What is Bodhi Greens?

A: Bodhi Greens started in October 2014 in Chandigarh, with the aim of providing healthy, hygienically prepared, Eco-friendly, and the tastiest non-dairy milks to every household in Tri-city. Our business model succeeds in delivering Soy and Coconut milks across Tri-city at heavy discounts; always!

Q: What is Bodhi Greens Cafe?

A: Bodhi Greens Cafe is scheduled to open in December 2016 on the Temple Road of McLeodganj, Dharamshala, as a 100% Vegan Cafe serving Indian and International cuisines, desserts, and herbal beverages.

Q: Why Vegan? 100% Vegan?

A: When you visit Bodhi, you’ll develop a sense of understanding about how veganism is by all means related to sustainability. A vegan diet is not just ethically right,  it also has some amazing health benefits to offer. And Yes! Bodhi is 100% vegan (No animal Milk or milk products, eggs, meat, fish, honey, etc.)